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We all need a safe space to talk, especially in difficult times. We need our pain to be witnessed by someone who can be truly present and hold space. My aim is to provide you with reparative experiences, acceptance and empathy. I would like to help you to understand what might be holding you back, connect with your inner self and find peace regardless of your life circumstances. I believe that psychological well-being does not mean perfection and getting rid of problems but is rooted in awareness and developing tools to cope with life’s challenges.

I specialise in working with people who have experienced trauma, particularly sexual, emotional and physical abuse. Together we will explore ‘what happened to you’ as opposed to ‘what is wrong with you’, and what coping strategies you have developed to manage your trauma. We will also work on developing trust (towards self and others), safety and a healthy sense of control over your life. 

Counselling can also be a part of your emotional self-care and a great opportunity to take care of your mental health, similarly to how you would look after your physical health by exercising or healthy eating. You don’t always need to wait until things become overwhelming; you can invest in yourself now and explore your thoughts, feelings and needs in a safe, impartial, non-judgemental space. 

My fees:

I offer a free 15-minute video or phone consultation to help you decide if you want to work with me. 


Ongoing weekly sessions cost £50 and last 50 minutes.

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